Dean Durbin
Dean Durbin, president of Flights For You, is a 10 year Frederick County Resident who lives in New Windsor Maryland. Dean is married with two children; an 8 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. Dean has worked in the aviation field now for 15 years, his career starting out in the United States Air Force. While serving his country, Dean was deployed overseas to Saudi Arabia in support of operation desert storm. Upon the fulfillment of his military service Dean attended Rice Aviation at Martin State airport and earned his airframe and power plant license which gave him the ability to work as a licensed aircraft mechanic.

Dean is a 2,500 hour pilot with a commercial license and cfii, meii, and seaplane ratings.

Dean is currently employed at Andrews Air Force base working as an Aircraft Technician on the Presidential / and Dignitary aircraft of the United States of America. While juggling a fulltime job, family life, attending college to finish his degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Dean with partners Jill Weber and Tim Brennan began flying individuals that were in need of medical treatment far from their home. Dean flew his first mission for Angel Flight America on October 19th 2004, a melanoma cancer patient from Zanesville, Ohio to Gaithersburg, Maryland to be treated at NIH. He described the feeling of this flight to be like no other.

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